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The BT Racer Sock is a mid length sock for your coldest runs, made with our heat generating Breath Thermo® technology, this lightweight sock boasts all the warmth you need without the bulk.

  • BREATH THERMO®: Mizuno's exclusive thermal fabric technology that uses escaping body vapor to generate heat.
  • DRYLITE®: Using a dual filament yarn construction to transport excess moisture away from the body to create a comfortable and dry body microclimate for best performance.
  • Padded heel and forefoot
  • Right- and left-specific fit for greater comfort and stability
  • Lightweight fabric: Allows athletes to feel cool during play.

SMALL: W 6-8.5

MEDIUM: W 8-10.5 , M 6-8.5

LARGE: W 11-13 , M 9-11

XL: M 11.5-14