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When creating the Salomon Predict RA, designers wanted to create a smooth running experience. To achieve this, they designed a shoe that would adapt to your specific foot strike. By using an outsole with 10 unique segments, the shoe is able to work with your foot motion to cushion, guide, and propel your foot forward.
The segments on the outsole are separated by grooves with a pattern that is inspired by the major joints in the foot. If you pull up the sock liner, you will notice that these grooves are duplicated on the top and bottom of the midsole to offer double the flexibility. 
To complement the midsole,  the upper is also designed to work with your natural foot motion. The lacing system is cut in a way that helps to secure your midfoot while also allowing the shoe to go through your foot cycle without the fabric bunching up. The heel is soft molded and works with the light, breathable mesh to provide a comfortable running experience.