OUR 2023 TEAM...cheer them on when you see them on the course or out and about on a run :)


Beth Meadows

Ali Moran (recently ran 2:57:20 at the London Marathon)

Tonya Philippi (recently placed 1st Female Masters, 6th OA, at the Richland Creek Run)


Kris Rehm (ran the 2023 Boston Marathon in 3:23)

Casey White (ran a 3:16:06 at the at the 2023 Carmel Marathon)



Ricky Lupp

Matt Pulle (won AG in the 2023 Nashville 1/2 with a 1:24:18)

Caleb Van Geffen (was 9th OA with a 2:26:30 at the 2023 Jersey City Marathon)

Tony White (ran 2nd best marathon with a 2:29:25 at the 2023 Carmel Marathon)

Jordan Wilson (placed 2nd OA with a 1:07:50 at the 2023 Nashville 1/2)

Lee Wilson (needs to race ASAP)