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Light Up Your Run with a Waist Light

FlipBelt's LED Running Light is one of the best lighting solutions, and allows you to both see and be seen while on your run in low to no light situations. This running waist light securely fits into any access point in a FlipBelt* and goes on the front of your hips, casting light at a lower angle than headlamps and allowing you to see ground objects more easily. When a running waist light is on your hips, it also dramatically reduces glare from reflecting back to your eyes and it won't bounce around like a headlamp since it's attached to your center of gravity.

*FlipBelt sold separately, compatible with:

  • FlipBelt Classic
  • Flipbelt Zipper
  • FlipBelt Zipper Adjustable
  • FlipBelt Elite
500 Lumens, Rechargeable and IPX6 Waterproof!

The FlipBelt running light for runners is 2-3 times brighter than most lights the market, packing a powerful 500 lumens behind the industry leading Cree XML U2 LED. Its waterproof rating is IPX6, so you don't have to worry about it getting wet while on your run either. There are 3 light modes: high, low, and strobe. The burn time is up to 12 hours and the light battery takes about 2 hours to fully charge via the included USB cable. Simply place the night running light, with its secure, rubberized casing, into one of the access points of your FlipBelt and you’re ready to go!